Die Casting Safety and Rules

Die casting has the potential to become a hazardous job. This can occur with the use of molten materials, and heavy machinery. Some hazards are blatantly obvious like the threat of molten metal, and the compressing power of a machine. Other hazards are not so evident. These can include particles in the air, steam burns from molds, as well as sharp metal scrapings on the floor that may puncture boots.

During certain jobs a metal handler will have to wear different protective clothing than other workers.  One of these jobs is furnace cleaning.  A cleaner has to wear protective clothing to keep radiation from penetrating the body. Radiation is the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves that are extremely common in high energy particles.  Different types of radiation can be emitted from left over scrap metal like gamma, beta, and alpha. Instruments called Geiger counters will help determine what types of radiation are present. Left over metals must be stored and recycled properly as to not damage the environment and surrounding population.