Die Casting Alloys and Properties

Cold chamber die casting uses softer metals, like aluminum, because the alloys have high melting temperatures and would ruin the machines.  Hot chamber machines use low melting temperature alloys. A ladle is used instead of a pump to carry the liquefied metal to the mold due to the heat damage it would cause to an injection pump.  The table below represents different metal alloys and their properties.

Alloys and Their Properties

Materials Properties
Melting Temperature Density Corrosion Resistance Conductivity
Aluminum Alloys


660°C /1220 °F Low Medium High
Copper Alloys


Varies 762°C/ 1400°F High High High
Magnesium Alloys


Varies 421°C /801°F Low Varies High
Zinc Alloys


419°C/ 787°F High Requires Varnish High